Ankle Braces

Best Ankle Brace for Joint Support

An ankle brace helps to support the ankle joint externally, so that the movement of the ankle is reduced in order to recover from injury and reduce pain and inflammation. An ankle brace can be worn post-injury as well as a preventative measure too. Here are the best ankle braces.

1. Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace
Comfortable Open Heel Design for Full Range of Motion

Material: Neoprene | Size: One Size | Colour: Black |

  • Anti-irritation and flexible neoprene material
  • Open heel design
  • Easy to wear wrap fastening strap

This ankle support brace from Bodyprox is made from anti-irritation and flexible neoprene, and comes with an open heel design so as not to restrict your range of motion whilst still providing complete support. This ankle support brace is also very easy to take on and off thanks to its wrap fastening strap.

2. Beskey Ankle Support Brace
Best Non-Slip One Size Fits All Ankle Support Brace

Material: Nylon | Size: One Size | Colour: Black with Blue, Grey, Orange Trim |

  • Easy and quick to adjust
  • Non-slip with silicone inside
  • Hook and loop closure

This Beskey ankle support brace comes in a one size fits all design and is easy and quick to adjust thanks to its simple hook and loop closure. Available in three different designs, this ankle brace is also non-slip, so you can wear it safely even without shoes, and also has extra silicone cushioning inside too.

3. Neo G Ankle Support
Easy to Slip On and Off Sock Style Design

Material: Polyamide, Elastane | Size: S-XL | Colour: Black, Beige |

  • Multi zone compression support
  • Easy slip on and off design
  • Medical grade in line with Chartered Society of Physiotherapy requirements

This Neo G ankle support brace comes in an easy to slip on and off sock style design, featuring multi zone compression support to effectively reduce swelling, inflammation and pain to the ankle area. These high quality ankle support socks are also medical grade, making them compliant with all Chartered Society of Physiotherapy requirements too.

4. Spinegear Ankle Support Brace
Hardwearing Support for both Left or Right Ankle

Material: Neoprene | Size: One Size | Colour: Black |

  • Universal size for both left or right ankle
  • Adjustable two side stabalisers
  • Criss cross design to keep ankle joints and tendons in correct position

This Spinegear ankle support brace comes in a universal one size fits all design that can be worn by both the left and right ankle. The adjustable two side stabiliser straps create a criss cross design that is particularly effective post-surgery, helping to keep the ankle joints and tendons in the correct position.

5. Kuangmi Ankle Brace
Top Ankle Brace for Shielding and Supportive Protection

Material: Plastic, Mesh | Size: S-XL | Colour: Black |

  • Multifunctional protection plastic plate
  • Customised pressure with crossover straps
  • Breathable mesh fabric

This ankle brace from Kuangmi offering two plastic side shields as well as a supportive inner wrap brace made of breathable mesh fabric. This ankle brace enables wearers to customise the amount of pressure they require thanks to the crossover straps, and this ankle brace can be used for both the left or right foot.

6. Arcast A60 Version
Best Sports Ankle Brace Trusted by Andy Murray

Material: Breathable Fabric| Size: Medium | Colour: Black, White |

  • Molded 60 degree stabiliser to stop rollover
  • Supportive and protective
  • Trusted by Andy Murray for sports support

This ankle brace is trusted by top tennis pro Andy Murray, and is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for an ankle brace that is both protective and supportive, helping to prevent injury as well as encourage healing post-injury too. This ankle brace is molded at 60 degrees to effectively stop your ankle rolling over as well for added support.