Best Home Office Gel Seat Cushions

Best Home Office Gel Seat Cushions – Ireland

Sitting down in the office may get uncomfortable after a long time. An office gel seat cushion is a cost-effective and simple way to immediately improve the comfort of your office chair and improve your posture and lumbar health.

These top five picks from Amazon offer the best blend of affordability and smart design.

Supportiback Premium Coccyx Cushion

  • Designed by physiotherapists
  • Full lumbar support
  • Breathable and cool

Supportiback cushions are the brainchild of a physiotherapist who had seen first-hand the need for a lumbar-supporting cushion suited to all kinds of users.

The ultra-responsive foam inside this cushion is designed to offer lumbar support that adjust to the natural curvature of your spine, alleviating tension and correcting your posture.

A non-slip bottom keeps the cushion from moving beneath you, whilst the zippered velour cover is easy to remove and machine wash.

The breathable material and heat distribution technology in the cushion also help keep it cool.

Tomight Gel Seat Cushion

  • Large size
  • Cool gel material
  • Adapts to all seats

This flatter gel seat cushion from Tomight distributes you weight over a large area for increased comfort. Two layers of mesh grilling offer strong but comfortable support that can withstand high pressure.

The concave design fits the body and encourages lumbar health, whilst the hollow mesh structure keeps the cushion continually cool.

The cushion’s large size and as high elasticity allows it to adjust to all kinds of chairs, whilst the non-slip cover keeps it still. The cover is easily removed for machine washing.

GENERAL ARMOR Gel Office Seat Cushion


  • Ultra-thick
  • Two-sided design
  • Non-slip bottom

GENERAL ARMOR have created a thick two-sided gel cushion that offers unparalleled comfort, making it perfect for long periods of sitting, whether in the office or the car.

One side of the cushion is made of cool gel for dynamic lumbar support, whilst the other side consists of memory foam for a soft and comfortable relaxation. Non-slip materials keep the cushion in place wherever its places, and a carry handle is attached.

The entire cushion is also machine washable, making it convenient to clean.

iMedic Doughnut Ring Cushion

  • Innovative doughnut design
  • Durable memory foam
  • Light and breathable

The unique doughnut ring design of this iMedic cushion provides long term comfort to the sitter. Its ergonomic contours and doughnut shape provide full support to the back and coccyx comfort.

The size of the cushion makes it easy to place on any chair and stay in place thanks to a non-slip bottom. All this makes it perfect for the office. Its dense internal memory fame allows it to adjust to your body without losing its important shape.

Despite its shape, the cushions cover is easily removed for washing, whilst the novel doughnut shape keeps it cool.

GENERAL ARMOR Gel Chair Cushion


  • Range of colours
  • Cooling honeycomb gel
  • Elastic but resilient

This all-purpose gel seat cushion from GENERAL ARMOR comes in a range of colours, with a simple but effective design that makes it uniquely versatile.

The internal honeycomb design of the gel keeps the entire cushion cool and elastic, all whilst maintaining its important supportive shape.

The coloured cover is easily removed thanks to a zip, and the underside is lined with non-slip friction beads to prevent it slipping.

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