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Best Massage Mats & Electric Massage Mats Ireland

A massage mat is a perfect way to get a soothing full body massage from the comfort of your own home. The best massage mats are simple to set up and suited to every home.

With heat options or mats inspired by acupuncture, there’s something for everyone in this range of Amazon’s five best massage mats.

COMFIER Full Body Massage Mats with Heat

  • 10 vibration spots
  • Ultra-plush padding
  • Intuitive remote

With 10 vibrating motors lining the mat, this full body massage mat will deliver a soothing massage to your legs and thighs, and your lower, middle and upper back.

The mats padding is made from 100% ultra-plush polyester, with a quality hemming, making it an incredibly comfortable place to rest.

With the mat’s wired remote control, you can even activate two heating pads to warm up your back. An automatic heat shut-off after 30 minutes of use keeps the mat safe to use.

JOCCA Full Body Massage Mattress

  • Different modes
  • Easy to store
  • Heated centre

This understated massage mat from JOCCA offers a range of massage options under its plain exterior. Ten motors are distributed throughout the map, which can be controlled with the included remote.

There are 5 massage modes and 3 intensity settings, alongside a heat toggle, giving you plenty of options to toy with. The mat can also be folded up and stored easily when not in use, thanks to its rubber band. All in all, this is a solid lower-end massage mat.

SNAILAX Memory Foam Massage Mat

  • Ultra-comfy memory foam
  • 10 motors, 6 heaters
  • Large mat

SNAILAX take the comfort of a massage mat to the next level with their memory foam design. The mat is composed of multiple layers of soft material, topped off by ultra-plush polyester that makes it super comfortable to lie on.

All this, even before we mention the 10 vibrating massage motors distributed throughout this sizable mat, and the 6 heating pads that target the neck, shoulders, and feet. With a comfy pillow built in, this is a premium full-body massage mat for people of all heights.

INTEY Wellness Therapy Acupressure Mat Set

  • Simulates acupuncture
  • Plant-based cushioning
  • Pillow and bag included

For those who crave a different kind of massage, this Acupressure Mat from Intey is perfect for those familiar with acupuncture.

The mat can be stood, sat, or lied down on. 230 plastic pads, with 27 pressure tips each help stimulate pressure points all over the skin. The mat itself is made from 100% cotton and plant-based foam, with polymer nails.

The mat also comes with an acupressure pillow and a bag to store everything in safely.

HoMedics STRETCH Yoga Mat

  • Yoga meets massage
  • 4 relaxing routines
  • Easy to use

For another kind of therapeutic massage, you could consider this innovative electric yoga mat from well-trusted brand HoMedics.

With its series of inflatable air pockets, this adjustable mat flows through a relaxing sequence of stretching exercises whilst supporting your neck, shoulders and back. The mat has four pre-programmed routines all accessible with a single touch of the included controller.

Intensity can also be adjusted to meet your needs. As well as this, the mat is soft and comfortable, and easy to fold away and store.

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