Best Standing Desk Mats

Best Standing Desk & Anti-Fatigue Mats Ireland

Working at a standing desk can have great benefits for your circulation and posture. However, one place where standing can take its toll is on the feet.

You may want a standing desk mat to keep your feet comfy, and help you stay focused on your work. Fortunately, Amazon offers some of the very best standing desk mats.

HEALEG Anti Fatigue Mat


  • Reduces 50% of pressure
  • Extra soft cushioning
  • Safe and stable

This anti-fatigue mat from HEALEG is perfect for any standing desk set-up. The mat’s extra soft, engineered cushioning will help take the strain off your feet whilst standing for long periods of time.

On the underside, the mat has a non-slip backing to keep it firmly in one place, meaning you won’t be distracted by it moving about beneath you. Safety is also maximised by the mat’s bevelled edges, which prevent the corners bending up and posing a trip hazard.

This comfort helps you take advantage of all the heath benefits of standing with none of the strain.

Prism Anti Fatigue Mat


  • Reduces 40% of pressure
  • Fits most floors
  • Unbeatable warranty

Prism have created a comfortable mat that can relieve up to 40% of the pressure on your legs whilst standing.

One great feature of this mat is its anti-slip backing designed to grip most floor surfaces found in a modern home, whether that’s wood, stone or tiling. The mat’s multiple layers will also mould to your feet, making this one of the most comfortable options on the market.

Prism are so sure of the quality of the mat that all this is backed up by an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Homek Office Mat

  • Large dimensions
  • Great for sitting or standing
  • Durable

This large office mat from Homek is perfect for any home office setting. With its large dimensions this mat can accommodate an entire office chair, making it a great choice for those switching between a sitting and standing desk.

The mats scratch and tear resistant surface means you won’t need to worry about chair wheels damaging the product. A raised section near the front forms a comfortable place to stand and work.

This 2 in 1 chair and standing mat makes a great addition to a home workstation.

NEOCASA ErgoBuro Standing Desk Mat with Massage Ball


  • Massage suite at your feet!
  • Soothing support all over
  • Well-cushioned

What makes this standing mat from NEOCASA really stand out is the bold addition of a massage ball in the centre.

Not that your feet will be getting too sore whilst you stand on the mats cushioned surface and carefully placed pressure points. Even the front of the mat has support edges. Wherever you place your feet on this mat, there’s a comfortable surface to sooth and massage your feet.

Whether you’re particularly fidgety or just want to soothe your feet whilst you work, this is a fantastic mat for any standing desk setup.

Allcam AFM02 Anti-Fatigue Mat

Great budget option

  • Floral design
  • Easy to clean

This simple mat from Allcam is a great budget option for any office set up. The mats thick cushioning is both comfortable and durable, and large enough to match any desk.

The floral pattern on the mat’s top surface also makes it stand out from others on the market.

As well as this, the mat’s elastic PU foam is water-resistant, making it quick and easy to clean once all the work is done.

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