Best Standing Desks Ireland

Best Standing Desks for Your Home Office

With working from home now more common than ever before, more and more people are expanding their home office.

However, it’s long been known that sitting down all day can be bad for your posture and health.

A standing desk is one way you can create a versatile office space that helps keep you up and on your feet. Here are five of Amazon’s finest offerings.

TOPSKY Dual-Motor Electric Adjustable Standing Computer Desk

  • Electric motor
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Quiet performance

With fully adjustable width and height, all powered by an electric motor, this standing desk from TOPSKY is one of the very best.

A heavy-duty steel frame gives the desk its high-quality, sturdy feel. Meanwhile, height adjustments are controlled from an easy-to-use panel with multiple memory settings. The electrics themselves run quietly and effortlessly.

All in all, this dual-motor desk is a top of the range standing desk capable of adapting to all kinds of office spaces.

It’s smooth finish and quiet performance will make it perfect as the central hub of any home office space.

Soges Adjustable Stand-Up Computer Desk


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Variety of set-ups
  • High-quality finish

This adjustable stand-up desk from SogesHome is smaller option best suited for laptops. It is lightweight and easy to move thanks to a set of wheels.

The wooden tabletop is capable of being adjusted to create two different tops at different heights.

This desk also has a quality finish suitable for any office space. This desk is perfect for creating a portable, standing workstation anywhere in the house.

FlexiSpot ED2B Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

  • Electric motor
  • Collision sensor
  • Quiet and quick adjustment

This standing desk from Flexispot is a great foundation for a professional home office set-up. With expandable width and height, this desk can be used sitting down or standing.

The electric motor will raise the desk quietly, whilst collision sensors ensure the desk won’t hit other objects whilst this is happening. Being able to switch from sitting to standing will help make your sedentary time better for your posture.

An elegant touchpad allows you to save your height settings to make switching from sitting to standing a simple affair.

BONTEC Mobile Workstation


  • Easy to move about
  • Versatile shelving
  • Large weight capacity

BONTEC’s mobile workstation is a great way to bring a standing desk into your home on a smaller budget.

With multiple layer of shelving mounted on a moveable trolley, you’ll be able to effortlessly take your work with you whichever room in the house you want to work in.

The adjustable height makes this perfect for use as a standing desk, but is just as suited for those who want to sit down. With the top two shelves capable of bearing up to 20kg of weight, its more than ready to support laptops and books.

AmazonBasics Foldable Standing Computer Desk


  • Simple to set up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Shelving space

With their AmazonBasics standing desk, the designers at Amazon have created their own high-quality light-weight desk.

What makes this desk particularly notable is the ability to fold it up quickly and easily. As well as this, the lightweight steel frame, with removable wooden desktop, keeps the entire standing desk easy to move around.

Two additional rows of shelving make it perfect for uses all around the house. For a standing desk on a budget, this creation from AmazonBasics is perfect for the job.

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