Elbow Braces

Best Elbow Braces for Stiff & Sore Elbows

An elbow brace can help to offer support after injury as well as act as a preventative measure too when wearing during sport and exercise.

Elbow braces are particularly effective when worn during sports such as tennis and golf, helping you to still have full range of motion whilst reducing pain. Here are the best elbow braces.

Elbow Straps for Golf, Tennis, Sports & More

1. ZOUYUE Elbow Brace

Easily Adjustable Elbow Support Brace

Material: Woven Cloth | Size: One Size | Colour: Black |

  • Adjustable Velcro fastening
  • Breathable material
  • Removable splints

This ZOUYUE elbow brace is easy to adjust thanks to its Velcro fastening up to a maximum circumference of 17 inches.

Made from breathable material, this elbow brace is comfortable to wear all the time, and the two removable splints can offer extra support or be removed if you prefer to sleep with the brace on too.

2. Yosoo Health Gear Elbow Brace

Dual-Spring Stabiliser for Maximum Support

Material: Neoprene | Size: One Size | Colour: Black |

  • Spring stabiliser support
  • Hook and loop closure for easy adjustability
  • Premium neoprene

This elbow brace from Yosoo Health Gear comes with built in spring stabiliser support on both side of the brace to help support you as you play sport without restricting your mobility.

The hook and loop closure makes this elbow brace easy to adjust and as it is made from premium neoprene, this brace is also designed to be long lasting.

3. AVIDDA Elbow Support Sleeve for Men and Women

Great Unisex Slip On and Off Elbow Support

Material: Ice Silk Fabric | Size: S-L | Colour: Black, Grey |

  • Anti-slip silicone stripes
  • Optimum endurance support
  • 3D knitted weave to fit arm perfectly

This elbow brace comes in an support sleeve design, featuring anti-slip silicone stripes and a 3D knitted weave made from ice silk fabric to fit your arm perfectly.

This unisex design comes in three different size options and is the ideal choice to support both elbows for optimum endurance during sports or other activities that put pressure on the elbow.

4. LIUMY Adjustable Elbow Brace

Best Skin Friendly and Breathable Elbow Brace Option

Material: Neoprene | Size: One Size | Colour: Black |

  • Skin-friendly and breathable material
  • Nylon close closure for a better fit
  • Stainless steel springs for best compression

The LIUMY adjustable elbow brace is the perfect choice for both men and women.

Made from skin-friendly and breathable neoprene material, this brace is so comfortable you may forget you are wearing it.

Featuring a nylon closure for the best fit possible, this elbow brace also has internal stainless steel springs to offer the best compression support too.

5. Bracoo ES10 Elbow Support

4 Way Stretch Material for the Best Fit Possible

Material: Neoprene | Size: One Size | Colour: Black, Grey, Pink |

  • Universal fit for both elbows
  • 4 way stretch material
  • Great for sprains, fatigue and pain relief

This elbow support from Bracoo comes in a universal fit so it can be born on either the left or right elbow.

The 4 way stretch material also means it fits closely to the joint for the best fit possible and is great for sprains, fatigue and pain relief thanks to its strong yet breathable neoprene material.

6. Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad by PlayActive Sports

Best Brace with In-Built Compression

Material: Neoprene, Nylon | Size: One Size | Colour: Black |

  • Slim fit brace with in-built compression pad
  • Soft material but provides firm support
  • 2 pair value pack

This elbow brace is ideally suited for wearing during activities and sports as it comes in a slim fit design with a built in compression pack too.

This elbow brace is made from neoprene and nylon, making it soft to wear yet still firm enough to provide a high level of support.

This elbow brace also comes in a 2 pair pack for added value too.