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Best Foam Rollers for Tight Muscles

Foam rollers help improve circulation and remove muscle soreness.

Simple to use and easy to carry, foam rollers are ideal when preparing for a work-out or as part of a cool-down, helping break down the knots after a work-out session.

Foam rollers are available in many different varieties and density of size.

Preparation and recovery are essential for any form of exercise. By using the right foam roller you can ensure your muscles are prepped for stretching and ready to work.

There are many options to choose from and the following samples represent some of the best foam rollers available for purchase.

Trigger Point Grid Roller

A multi-purpose foam roller favoured by physical therapists, trainers and athletes.Colour: Black Dimension: 33cmx13cmx13cm Weight: 200g

The Trigger point foam roller has a multi-density foam surface, providing a firm compression that feels like a sports massage.

Built using quality, durable material over a rigid, hollow core, this roller is designed to last and not lose shape.

The roller’s unique design aims to replicate the masseur, allowing you to target muscle groups and improve circulation and flexibility.

The Trigger Point grid foam roller is aimed across the whole spectrum of users, from beginner to elite.

Maximo Foam Roller

A medium-density foam roller suitable for use alongside all sporting activities.

Colour: Various Dimension: 44.6cmx14.6cmx14.6cm Weight: 320g

This medium density roller is firm enough to massage sore muscles without compromising on comfort.

The textured nature of the roller surface is a factor in providing better levels of comfort for the user.

The Maximo foam roller is longer than some rollers allowing for an easier all over body massage, yet remains light enough to be portable.

The manufacturers have enough confidence in their product to offer a no-questions-asked returns policy.

Amazon Basics High-Density Roller

A value high-density foam roller geared for strengthening, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises.

Colour: Blue Dimension: 30cmx15cmx15cm Weight: 127g

This roller is moulded for a high-density design, providing a firm foam roller that will maintain its shape even after moderate to heavy use.

The design of the roller means it is suitable for all body types and is for anyone looking to improve their balance and flexibility.

Although a high-density roller it is still very lightweight, making it easy to carry and maintain your exercise routine wherever you may be.

Supportiback Foam Roller

An award-winning foam roller designed by medical professionals for a deeper muscle massage.

Colour: Black Dimension: 35cmx15cmx15cm Weight: 800g

The high-quality design and materials used allow for a roller that provides deeper penetration when breaking up muscle knots and rolling tired limbs.

An optimal orthopaedic foam grid surface combines with a metal reinforced core to provide stability and strength to the design.

With input from doctors and physiotherapists, the roller is ideally suited for pre and post-workout use.

For those always on the go this lightweight roller is very portable for use on your travels.

Core Balance High-Density 2-in-1 Roller

Targets all muscles groups, small and large, using two different sized foam rollers.

Colour: Blue/Black Dimensions: 33cmx15cmx15cm and 33cmx15cmx6cm Weight: 180g

With an inner hollow core to store the smaller roller, this 2-in-1 offering allows you to target different muscles depending on size.

The smaller roller can be handheld so you can roll smaller muscles such as the neck, or hone in with more precision on specific troublesome muscle spots than is possible with the larger rollers.

These rollers are lightweight for portability, but remain firm for deeper muscular penetration.

Manta Foam Roller

A uniquely shaped roller designed by an osteopath to target areas most rollers may miss.

Colour: Teal Dimension: 31.8cmx14cmx14cm Weight: 1.2kg

While a roller for all-over-body use, the design incorporates spinal grooves to help target the muscles of the lower back which can often be overlooked.

A hollow core and firm foam density combine to counter muscle soreness and boost recovery from your workouts.

This compact roller is very portable, small enough to carry in a rucksack and take to work or the gym, allowing you to roll wherever you are located.

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