Ice Packs

Best Ice Packs for Swelling & Inflammation

Ice packs are designed to be a portable and reusable source of cold that can instantly reduce swelling to an injured area of the body, as well as provide a reduction in muscle spasms, lessen bleeding and bring relief from pain. Suitable for lots of different areas of the body, here are the best ice packs for swelling and inflammation.

1. Large Reusable Hot Cold Pack Ice Gel Heat Pad
Great Value Twin Pack Ice and Heat Gel Pad with Strap

Material: Polyethylene Plastic | Size: Large | Style: Medical Grade Gel Pouch |

  • Elastic compress wrap
  • Great value twin pack
  • Use hot or cold

This ice pack can also be used as a heat pack as well, making it a great choice to relieve both swelling and inflammation too. Complete with elastic compress wrap, this ice pack will easily stay in place anywhere on the body and is available in a great value twin pack size too.

2. NEWGO® Ankle Ice Pack Wrap
Best Ice Pack for Targeted Relief from Ankle Swelling

Material: Nylon | Size: One Size | Style: Ankle Wrap |

  • Ice pack securely fastened to ankle
  • Hot and cold compress therapy use
  • 1 year warranty

This ice pack is ideally suited to those who are suffering from ankle pain or swelling following an injury or sprain. The gel pack securely fastens to the ankle care of the wrap design, and this ice pack can be used both hot or cold – simply pop in the microwave or freezer to achieve the desired result. This ankle ice pack also comes with a 1 year warranty as well.

3. Koolpak Luxury Reusable Hot and Cold Pack
Durable and Easy to Reuse Ice Pack

Material: Nylon | Size: One Size | Style: Gel Pack |

  • Soft and durable nylon coating
  • Use hot or cold
  • Works for 2 hours at a time

This ice pack from Koolpak comes in its own separate gel pack with a soft and durable nylon coating. Easy to reuse time and again either hot or cold, this ice pack brings instant relief to swelling and inflammation for up to 2 hours at a time, just microwave or freeze the pack for hot or cold relief.

4. Ice Packs for Knees Extra Large
Great Ice Pack Suitable for All Joints Not Just Knees

Material: Double Nylon | Size: Extra Large | Style: Joint Ice Pack |

  • Fits comfortable to joints
  • Medical grade gel
  • Hot or cold usage

This ice pack is suitable not just for knees but for all joints thanks to its economical design and two Velcro straps. It fits comfortable over the knee, as well as the thigh, elbow, arm and shin too and is made from outer double nylon with medical grade gel inside. This ice pack can also be used both hot or cold too.

5. Magic Gel Premium Ice Pack (Reusable)
Large and Flexible Ice Pack for Instant Pain and Swelling Relief

Material: Medical Grade Gel | Size: Large | Style: Gel Pack |

  • Trusted by physiotherapists and chiropractors
  • All over body use
  • Stays cold for up to 18 minutes

This ice pack from Magic Gel has been trusted by physiotherapists and chiropractors since 2017. Its extra large design makes it suitable for all areas of the body and this ice pack can also stay cold for up to 18 minutes to bring the relief you need instantly from pain, inflammation and swelling.

6. Euphoria Bliss Ice Pack Gel Wrap for Hot & Cold Therapy
Smaller Ice Pack with Wrap Straps for More Convenient Pain Relief

Material: Non-Toxic Gel | Size: 14” X 6” | Style: Wrap |

  • Wrap style design
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Use cold or hot

This ice pack from Euphoria Bliss comes in a wrap style design that is lightweight and convenient to use, simply strap on to whichever area of the body is feeling swollen or inflamed. This ice pack can provide both hot and cold relief for up to 30 minutes and is easy to reuse time and again as well.