Neck Braces

Best Neck Braces for Stiff & Sore Necks


A neck brace works to support the spinal cord and neck and is sometimes known as a cervical collar. A neck brace works by limiting the range of motion of your head and neck in order to reduce pain and are normally worn following injury. Here are the best neck braces.

1. Vive Neck Brace Support Cervical Collar

Supportive and Adjustable Soft Neck Brace

Material: Foam | Size: 3″ Width | Colour: White, Black |

  • Strong fastening for flexible compression
  • 15″- 20.5″ neck circumference fit
  • Comfortable and supportive foam

This neck brace from Vive has a strong neck fastening so you can easily adjust the level of compression you want as required.


Able to fit neck circumferences of between 15″- 20.5″, this neck brace is made from comfortable and supportive foam, making it soft enough even to wear at night when sleeping.


2. ArmoLine Foam Neck Collar Basic Support

Great Basic Neck Support for Improved Posture and Injury Relief

Material: Sponge, Stockinette | Size: S-L | Colour: Nude |

  • Effectively inhibits the movement of the neck
  • Soft and durable material
  • Secure Velcro fastening

This ArmoLine neck brace collar is made from high quality sponge with a stockinette covering, making it a good soft and durable option.


Made to medical grade specifications, this neck brace comes with a secure Velcro fastening so it always stays in place and there are three different sizing options to choose from as well.


3. Velpeau Neck Brace – Foam Cervical Collar

Bestselling Neck Brace with V Shape for Added Jaw Support

Material: EVA Foam | Size: S-XL | Colour: Multi Colour |

  • Unique V shape for added support
  • Extra padded EVA foam
  • Removable plastic support plate

This neck brace from Velpeau comes with a unique V shape design, helping to not only support the head and neck but also the jaw, so your spine can stay aligned and supported even when asleep.


Featuring extra soft padding thanks to its EVA foam, this neck brace also has a removable plastic support plate too.


4. Foam Neck Collar by Kedley

Versatile Medical Grade Adjustable Neck Brace Support

Material: Foam| Size: S-L | Colour: Nude |

  • Sizes suitable for kids and adults
  • Medical grade support
  • Comfortable foam material

This neck brace collar from Kedley is designed in sizes suitable for both kids and adults, offering versatile medical grade support for the neck, head and spine.

Made from comfortable foam material, this neck brace can bring effective relief from neck pain, strains and

whiplash too.


5. Sports Laboratory Neck Support Brace PRO+

Neck Brace Offering Cooling and Heated Sensations

Material: Neoprene, Mesh | Size: 11″ – 17″ | Colour: Blue |

  • Removable heat and ice pack
  • Premium mesh and neoprene material
  • Provides support and increases blood flow

This neck brace from Sports Laboratory comes with an innovative removable heat and ice pack, so you can have targeted heat and cooling sensations as well as being supported by this neck brace too.


Made from premium mesh and neoprene materials, this neck brace helps to effectively reduce swelling, increase blood flow and speed up healing.


6. BACK STORE Neck Brace

Super Lightweight Innovative Neck Brace Design

Material: Nylon | Size: S-L | Colour: Blue, Black |

  • Discreet and lightweight desin
  • Developed with Harley Street specialists
  • Padded on chin and chest for added comfort

This uniquely designed neck brace has been made by BACK STORE in association with Harley Street specialists, and has been designed to offer all the neck support you need whilst still being lightweight and discreet.

This neck brace is made from durable nylon and also comes with a padded chin and chest attachment for added comfort when wearing too.