Resistance Bands

Best Resistance Bands for Strength & Co-ordination

There are numerous benefits to resistance bands besides the purely practical one that their size makes them easy to take wherever you go.

They may look a simple piece of kit, yet they pack quite a punch in what they offer. The band provides external resistance to help build muscle strength and improve flexibility.

They are more than a useful rehabilitation tool when recovering from injury too. Resistance bands come in a variety of lengths and thickness, and listed below are some of the best options currently available to buy.

Gritin Resistance Bands

This set of five bands provide an incremental resistance for different work-out levels.

Material: Latex Type: Loop bands Resistance Levels: X-light to X-heavy

Made using natural latex for superior quality and durability, these resistance bands feel smooth and strong when used.

This durability reduces the worry of ripping the bands during a work-out. Longer than many competitor bands when fully extended, the Gritin bands allow for total body extension in order to exercise all areas.

The five bands are individually coloured according to their tension levels for easy identification and an accompanying bag helps with their portability when travelling.

FitBeast Resistance Bands

Five clearly marked bands with an accompanying door buckle for an all round training experience.

Material: Latex: Type: Loop bands: Resistance Levels: Light to X/heavy

As well as being colour coded, each band has the resistance levels clearly marked allowing for easy identification during a training session.

Made from natural latex the bands are durable and hard to break or deform.

The bands come with a thick foam door anchor to allow for additional stretching options, plus a grip pad which helps to absorb any sweat and reduces the risk of your hands from slipping.

Bestope Resistance Band

A looped band which provides a full range of stretching and pull-up exercises.

Material: Latex Type: Loop band Resistance Level: Medium

Made from good quality natural latex, the Bestope resistance band can retain its shape and elasticity over many years of use.

Having the one band can simplify training while not compromising on the extent of the work-out.

This band is ideal for any fitness training regime, including pull-ups, yoga, Pilates and powerlifting.

The band is easy to pack away when you travel, allowing you to continue to benefit from its use at work or when away from home.

Fitfort Resistance Bands

Take your work-out to the next level with this set of resistance bands containing a pack of 11 parts.

Material: Latex: Type: Handle bands Resistance Level: Light to Heavy

There are five clearly marked and coloured bands which are easy to use and ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Alongside the five bands the pack contains two handles, two ankle straps and a door anchor, allowing for multifunctional use.

With safety in mind the handles are foam-coated to make them anti-slip when sweating, while the handle buckles are made from stainless steel for additional strength.

Haquno Resistance Bands

Work the whole body through these legs and glutes bands with two levels of resistance.

Material: Polyester and Latex Type: Loop bands Resistance Level: Light to Medium

The combination of quality cotton polyester fabric with a natural latex lining makes these bands comfortable to use.

While the bands are worn primarily around the legs, the range of movement and exercises they provide allow for a full body work-out.

Compact in size, making them highly portable, these bands are embedded with silicone anti-slip tape as well as being anti-pinch and odourless for additional comfort.

Letsfit Resistance Bands

These value bands look small but extend to provide an effective work-out over five resistance levels.

Material: Latex Type: Loop bands Resistance Level: X-light to X-heavy

With a length of just 37.1cm these compact resistance bands can be rolled up to comfortably fit in your hand and are like a little gym you can carry around wherever you go.

Providing a good range of five different resistance levels, these bands offer multifunctional exercises for training the whole body. A value brand suitable for men and women which can be used for yoga, Pilates, strength training and more.

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