Standing Desk Stools

Best Standing Desk Stool for 2021

There are a range of stools on the market capable of reaching the right heights for working at a standing desk.

With adjustable heights and full rotation, these standing desk stools will give you all the movement you need to work comfortably at a standing desk.

Resting your feet need not mean sacrificing on posture with these top standing desk stools at Amazon.

School Outfitters Adjustable Height Stool


  • Tilts in all directions
  • Stable base
  • Massive height range

This high-quality stool from School Outfitters is great for those who want to develop their posture thanks to its backless design.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit still though. Thanks to its stable non-slip base this stool gives allows a wide degree of movement, so even the most energetic users can concentrate.

The height of the stool can also be adjusted from 18 inches all the way up to 28 inches, making it a perfect pairing with an adjustable desk.

The vinyl-covered seat is comfy and, like the stool’s polypropylene frame, easy to keep clean.

Office Hippo Laboratory Factory Chair


  • Robust and durable
  • High weight tolerance
  • Easy to move

From Office Hippo comes this robust high rise draughtsman stool. On this model not only is the chair itself adjustable over a large range of heights but so is the footrest and backrest.

This helps ensure the comfort and the correct posture of every kind of user. With an 18 stone weight tolerance, lightweight and carry handle, this an unbeatable stool for working at tall workstations in a variety of environments.

IWMH Standing Office Stool


  • Ergonomic saddle seat
  • Strong-grip base
  • Simple assembly

This standing stool from IWMH has the height you need to work with higher desks. Its ergonomic design helps maximise comfort thanks to its padded saddle seat, which conforms to the hips to ease pressure on the legs and improve posture.

However, this quality foam won’t be easily deformed, meaning the seat will stay comfortable for a long time.

A strong grip base keeps the stool anchored, whilst height is adjusted with a simple drawstring. Installation is quick and simple too, requiring no tools.

HNNHome Modern Padded Swivel Stool


  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Safe and stable base
  • Comfort matched by control

This padded swivel stool from HNNHome is crafted to a sleek and modern design perfect for a contemporary home office space.

Its chrome frame looks the part, whilst ensuring stability whilst the stool is raised. Protective rubber under the base protects your floor from any scratching, whilst the padded, faux-leather seat and armrests ensure you’ll be quite at home whilst you work.

With a 360 degree swivel and height adjusted with a simple bar, the seat is easy to move and control.

KKToner Round Rolling Stool


  • Polished look
  • High build quality
  • Effortless and ergonomic

This hybrid office chair and stool from KKToner is the perfect companion to a modern standing desk set-up. With its sturdy metal frame and hydraulic gas lift, this stool has the versatility to work in all kinds of office spaces.

Visually the stool impresses, with its white PU leather matched by subtle bicolour wheels. The visuals are matched by the comfort and control the stool provides, thanks to 360-degree swivel, height adjustment, quiet and ergonomic wheels, padded cushioning and footrest.

KKToner have created an all-round stunning office stool capable of being paired with a standing desk.

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