Swiss Balls

Best Swiss Balls for Back & Ab Strength

A swiss ball is a great addition to a home gym as it is a versatile piece of fitness equipment.

In essence a large inflatable ball, they help improve your strength, balance and stability, as well as being able to provide a cardio workout.

One of the go-to fitness tools in gyms, a Swiss ball can help your recovery from injury, while also strengthening your core.

Swiss balls can vary in weight and size, and listed below are a sample of the best choices to help you find the right ball for you.

Fitness-Mad Burst Resistant Swiss Ball

Available in a range of sizes to best suit your height, this swiss ball is a gym-worthy product.

Colour: Blue Diameter: 45-75cm Load Rating 300kg

A studio-grade fit ball, it is burst-resistant for added safety.

The Fitness-Mad swiss ball has a 300kg load capacity which provides a good balance between durability and value, making it a good option for the home gym.

Ideal for use during warm-ups and body-only exercises, it is sturdy enough to use like a chair in order to strengthen your core and improve your posture.

Core Balance Gym Ball

Maximise your performance with a Core Balance gym ball which can be used for a range of exercises.

Colour: Various Diameter: 55-85cm Load Rating: 250kg

A multi-use ball available in four different sizes, allowing you to select the correct ball for your height.

Made from thick PVC, these balls are durable and anti-burst resistant, with anti-slip lines around the ball for added peace of mind in their ability to grip during use.

These inflatable swiss balls will even help your core when used as a seat and may be used as a birthing ball.

Jordani Exercise Ball

Available in sizes to suit all body sizes, this anti-burst ball helps improve posture and core strength.

Colour: Various Diameter: 55-75cm Load Rating: 300kg

This ball is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic PVC, which offers a high-quality anti-burst product with embedded anti-skid lines.

This is a very versatile ball that can be used for yoga, Pilates, gym training and more, while still helping your posture even when just employing it as your office chair.

Included with the ball is a quick inflation foot pump, with the ball easy to deflate after use for simple storage.

Active Balance Exercise Ball

A swiss ball made for all users, it comes replete with resistance bands, a pump and e-book.

Colour: Black or Blue Diameter: 55-75cm

Ideal for the home or gym, this is a thicker, heavier ball compared to many competitors, adding strength and durability to the product.

The ball integrates a high-tech anti-slip surface to help prevent the ball from slipping and sliding away during your work-out.

Perfect for core strengthening, yoga and Pilates or to aid pregnancy comfort, the ball comes with three resistance bands to help you achieve an all-round fitness program.

UMI Exercise Fitness Ball

A heavy duty swiss ball, offering versatility of exercise and good for using with free weights.

Colour: Blue, Purple or Red Diameter: 55-75cm Load Rating: 200kg

With a PVC thickness of 2mm, this heavy duty ball offers a quality and durable product for the home gym.

A non-slip ball whose anti-burst design means you can create a variety of poses to help alleviate stress while working on improving your body core.

Free weights can be used to help improve stability, while the ball can also be used as a pregnancy or a physiotherapy ball.

Arteesol Exercise Ball

A safety-conscious swiss ball with explosion-proof design and slip-resistant lines.

Colour: Various Diameter: 45-75cm

With an explosion-proof design, this ball will slowly deflate if pierced rather than completely bursting.

The safety measures continue with its 360-degree slip-resistant lines and frosted layer to enhance the non-slip nature of the ball.

This ball is made from high-quality, eco-friendly material for a durable exercise companion.

You can use the accompanying, easy-to-inflate pump when it is exercise time, while the ball can be just as easily deflated for simple storage.