How to Improve Your Posture

6 Posture Tips For Office Workers

Does your job require you to sit down for many hours? Well, you are at a huge risk of chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries or disorders and many more health issues. Eventually, your long-term health and productivity will be affected.

Some of the reasons why sitting down at work for long hours is bad for your health include:

• When you sit down for longer hours than necessary, you will end up slouching. Your spine will suffer some misalignment as a result of the long sitting hours.

• If your workstation is poorly set up, especially if the computer is not set up at eye level, you will start straining your neck.

• Crossing your ankles when sitting down for long hours will result in hip misalignment.

• Lack of movement often restricts the flow of blood and nutrients to the discs found in your spine.

• Sitting down for a long time increases the wear and tear of the discs in your spine.

If you want to prevent these and many more health issues, you need to practice the best work ergonomics. Some of the best posture tips for office works include the following.


Make sure when sitting down, your spine follows the straight and natural alignment from your head to your feet. Slouching or hunching can result in spinal compression, muscle tension or nerve pinching.


Place the computer monitor at eye level to prevent your head from tilting. You should be looking at the computer monitor directly instead of looking down at it.


Avoid slouching on your chair. Rather, you should pull your shoulders back and make sure the back is flat against the chair. The back of the chair allows you to maintain the neutral posture rather than bending or leaning forward when sitting down for long hours.


Your feet should be flat on the ground. As mentioned, crossing your legs or ankles will result in hip misalignment. Also, you should not sit on a high chair where your feet are dangling in the air. You should avoid sitting down when your toes are the ones touching the ground. Sitting without your feet flat on the ground can result in swelling of your feet with time among other health issues.


Find the best lumbar support tool such as a cushion to keep the upper back straight and avoid slouching. As mentioned, slouching is bad for your back especially if you are sitting down for a long time. Make sure the lumbar support tool keeps a neutral posture to avoid chronic pain often associated with bad posture.


Take a few breaks every 30 minutes when you are at work. You should also perform the best posture exercises during these breaks. For instance, you can stretch overhead and open your chest or back to prevent slouching. Note that, walking around the room is a great way to improve circulation and productivity.

If you notice any neck or back pain, it’s prudent to see a doctor before it becomes worse. Try these posture tips to prevent health issues because of your job.